The Gulf isn’t the only place to get wet around here.

Considering how great our beaches are, it’s little wonder so many people swim there. But when the freshwater calls, guests also love to take a dip in Lake Shelby. It’s the perfect place to cool off after a hike. And for registered overnight guests, access to our pool area and splash pad makes their stay even cooler.


No park along the Gulf would be complete without beach access. And few beaches compare to the nearly four-mile stretch of beautiful white sand and rolling dunes found here.

Campground Pool

Cool off in the campground pool after a long ride along the Backcountry Trail. The campground pool and splash pad provide our overnight guests with the perfect place to relax while the kids play in the splash pad at our family-friendly pool.

Lake Shelby Picnic Area

Picnics in the park are easy to pull off with all the restrooms, charcoal grills, tables, and pavilions next to Lake Shelby. And don’t forget to bring your swimsuit.



Saltwater or freshwater, our waters are a casting paradise.



In addition to your feet and legs, we also have activities for your arms.