Saltwater or freshwater, our waters are a casting paradise.

Anglers of all types come here to enjoy the largest pier on the Gulf and almost 900 acres of freshwater lakes that are the closest to saltwater on the Gulf. And it’s all easily accessible thanks to our extensive trail network and nearby lodging options. With five piers and three new ones available soon, Lake Shelby keeps fishers busy reeling in various freshwater species, while nearly 2,500 feet of fishing space on our Gulf pier offers maximum saltwater action.

Education & Fishing Pier

You don’t just fish on our pier. You learn on it. Stretching more than a quarter mile into the Gulf, it features signs along the rails with information on species of fish, birds, and other area wildlife.

Lake Shelby Fishing Piers

While many visitors enjoy saltwater fishing, some anglers prefer to have the best of both worlds. At Lake Shelby, five piers along our extensive trail network—with three new piers on the way—offer freshwater access to bass, bream, speckled trout, and other fish.


No park along the Gulf would be complete without beach access. And few beaches compare to the nearly four-mile stretch of beautiful white sand and rolling dunes found here.



Considering how great our beaches are, it’s little wonder so many people swim there.



In addition to your feet and legs, we also have activities for your arms.