So much to do. Even when you’d rather not do a thing.

It goes without saying our beaches are a relaxing way to spend your time. But there are also places to sit along our piers, places to pause along our trails, and places to sit around and do nothing at all. Relax at the Butterfly Garden or picnic at the Pavilion. Sit on the porch at one of our cabins and read a book. Or simply grab a raft and float aimlessly around Lake Shelby. This place was made for unwinding.


No park along the Gulf would be complete without beach access. And few beaches compare to the nearly four-mile stretch of beautiful white sand and rolling dunes found here.

Lake Shelby Picnic Area

Picnics in the park are easy to pull off with all the restrooms, charcoal grills, tables, and pavilions next to Lake Shelby. And don’t forget to bring your swimsuit.

Butterfly Garden and Pavilion

Flowers and butterflies offer a rainbow of natural splendor, making this a perfect place to relax and unwind. Its lush green gardens and the nearby shaded and screened Pavilion are popular with families and other groups.



Set out with no real destination in mind.



It’s a fact. S’mores taste better here.