Around here, you don’t take a hike. You savor it.

Seven trails. Seven different ecosystems. Nearly twelve miles, with over nine more being developed. It’s easy to see why a walk in the park is one of our most popular activities. With new trailheads and places to pause, along with interpretive and wayfinding signage along the way, it’s ideal for enjoying the stunning natural beauty of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. And it’s accessible to all levels of physical ability. So park your car and leave it behind for unforgettable hikes of all types.

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Rattlesnake Ridge

Gopher tortoises. Armadillos. Woodpeckers. Don’t let the rattlesnake name fool you. There’s plenty of other animals to see here as well like indigenous orchids and carnivorous pitcher plants.

Cotton Bayou

This paved trail, lined with pine trees and intersecting at Catman Road, brings you closer to other trails and activities such as Boulder Park, Rosemary Dunes, and the Butterfly Garden.

Gulf Oak Ridge

Ancient mossy oaks and beautiful vistas alongside a diverse amount of native wildlife make this the perfect place to walk and relax. It’s even designated as a stop on the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail registry.


So many trails…

It’s easy to see why a walk in the park is one of our most popular activities.



Some call it sightseeing. Others call it ecotourism. We call it a day at the park.



Hide and seek, Gulf Coast style.