The Gulf State Park Enhancement Project Team is excited to break ground on two project components! In the coming weeks, you’ll see activity along the beach as the Project transitions from planning to implementation.

The Project Team will begin the Dune Restoration by creating carefully engineered openings through an existing berm to facilitate movement of sand through primary dunes to more inland areas where the dunes can grow. This plan, developed by a skilled team of scientists, planners, and local experts, will allow sand to flow inland, growing a more resilient dune system that will protect the critical habitat of the Alabama Beach Mouse and local communities from storms. The project will also replace invasive species with native plantings to stabilize the dunes and increase sand coverage.

You can learn more about the details of the dune restoration process in this video, as well as interpretive signage that will be installed in the Park.

Preparation for the Lodge is also beginning this week with measures to protect the Alabama Beach Mouse. Silt fencing around the construction site will allow our team of environmental scientists to locate beach mice in the construction area and move them to areas that will be undisturbed during construction. Over the past several weeks, the Project Team has also implemented bird abatement measures to avoid disrupting nesting shore birds. This is a critical phase in in our commitment to environmentally friendly coastal development. Foundation work is set to begin early next month.