Gulf State Park’s Dune Restoration Project was featured in the March 2016 issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine, a source for landscape architects across the country to get new ideas and stay current in the field. As Gulf State Park aims to become an international benchmark for environmental and economic sustainability, it is an honor to be recognized by this highly respected publication.

The magazine recognized Gulf State Park for its innovative and low-tech approach to dune restoration. For years, the park has been experimenting with recycled Christmas trees as a way to trap windblown sand. This February, as part of the multi-year Gulf State Park Enhancement Project, strategic cuts in the engineered berm were made to supplement the park’s ongoing restoration efforts. These cuts will build a healthy dune system more naturally by allowing sand to move further inland to create secondary and tertiary dunes. These dunes play a critical role in protecting our communities during storms and provide habitat to the Alabama beach mouse and other endangered species. You can read the full article here.

You can play a part in dune restoration, too! Help keep our dunes healthy by respecting the natural habitats dunes create and crossing only at designated walkovers.

Learn more about our dune restoration process in this video.